Installation (Windows)

To install the plugin tool, first install Java and JRuby, and then use the command line to install the haplo-plugin utility.

Check Java is installed.

In the command prompt, type java -version

You must use Java 8, build 212 or later. The version number will be shown as ‘1.8’. (Later versions of Java will be supported when the JRuby runtime is compatible.)

If you get an error, or need to update to a recent version of Java 8, download Java and install it in the default folder. You can get a free Java JVM from Adoptium. Repeat the java -version command to check it installed correctly.

Download JRuby

Download the current release of JRuby, which must be version or later. Choose a “Windows Executable” option to download the JRuby installer. (Only use the x64 version if you know you need it.)

Once downloaded, install JRuby by running the installer. The installer will append JRuby to your PATH environment variable.

Install the Plugin Tool

The Plugin Tool is distributed as a Ruby Gem.

Open a new cmd prompt (An already open cmd prompt will not reflect the changes to the PATH made by the JRuby installer) and type:

    jgem install haplo

Check the installation works

Type haplo-plugin --help to check the plugin tool is installed correctly.