Deployment checks

Before you deploy your plugin, you should perform a couple of quick checks.

Check all files

Run the check command to syntax check all files.

    haplo-plugin -p ALL check

Make sure the output of the command is PASSED.

Plugins which pass with PASSED WITH WARNINGS may be acceptable, as any errors will be in the client side JavaScript files. While preferable that all JavaScript files pass the JSHint tests, it’s not worth fixing JavaScript written by someone else.

Test minimised version

When deployed, plugins are minimised to reduce the amount of data which is transferred to the browser. In normal development, the files you write are used directly. Before you deploy a plugin, you should check the minimised versions also work correctly.

Use the --minimise option to upload a minimised version of the plugin.

    haplo-plugin --minimise

Upload will be a bit slower as the files need processing. When it’s complete, test the client side parts of your plugin.