The Objects REST API provides endpoints to access store objects in Haplo applications.

Objects are represented using the standard JSON serialisation format.

Enabling the Objects API

Install the haplo_api_object_v0 plugin to enable access to the Objects API.


The basic object information is augmented by “sources” of additional information, for example, workflows and documents around the object. When requesting an object, you specify which sources you need included in the response. Only specify the sources you will be using.


A user can only access the API if they are in the “API v0: Objects” group (API code haplo:group:api-v0:object-api). In general, you should create an API key for the service user defined by the haplo_api_object_v0 plugin:

Your Name » System management » Users » SRV » API v0: Object » New API key…

Set the request path to /api/v0-object/ for any API key you create.


Endpoint Method Action
/api/v0-object/ref GET Get object
/api/v0-object/linked GET Get linked objects

See Introduction for how to form a request URL.