Repeating section

Repeating sections allow groups of form elements to be repeated in the form. The user can add and remove the repetitions as required. This allows editing of tabular data to be implemented trivially, along with things like multiple email addresses and phone numbers in forms.

They can be nested to whatever depth is required.

The value in the document is an Array containing zero or more rows. A row is an object containing properties defined by the form elements in the elements property, unless there is only one element with a special path of ".", in which case it’s an array of the raw values.

See path handling for repeating sections for details of how the path is used.


type "repeating-section"
path Unlike normal sections, a path is required for repeating sections.
elements An array of other form element specifications.
template (optional) The template to use for rendering these form elements. Defaults to "oforms:default"
templateDisplay (optional) The template to use for rendering the document. Defaults to whatever specified for template with ":display" appended.
templateOptions (optional) Options for the specified template. Ignored by this element, but is available to the template for it to change its behaviour.
renderDocumentOmitEmpty (optional) If true, when rendering the document with renderDocument(), omit the section entirely if there are no rows in the document.
heading (optional) A heading to display above this section in forms and documents. See section headings and labels.
allowDelete (optional) Whether the user can delete rows in the form. Defaults to false.
allowAdd (optional) Whether to display the add button after the repeated sections. Defaults to true.
minimumCount (optional) The minimum number of rows required to pass validation.
maximumCount (optional) The maximum number of rows allowed to pass validation.
required (optional) Whether to enforce the minimumCount and/or maximumCount. Defaults to true.

Editing tables

Set the template property to "oforms:table" for editing tabular data.