Running the Haplo Platform in production

The easiest way to run a production Haplo Platform server is to use Docker.

In environments where this is not possible, you can run it on Ubuntu.

Plugin debugging

To enable plugin debugging mode so you can develop plugins with the Plugin Tool, configure the server with

    echo -n yes > /opt/haplo/etc/properties/plugin_debugging_support

and then restart the server.

Plugins in production

In production applications, plugins are “packed” and then placed in a subdirectory in /haplo/plugins on the server.

To pack a directory of plugins, use the pack command of the Plugin Tool.

    haplo-plugin -p ALL --output /path/to/temp/directory/live pack

Then transfer the live directory to /haplo/plugins on the server.

Plugins may be updated while the server is running with zero downtime. After updating plugins in /haplo/plugins, run the script/reload-third-party-plugins from the platform command prompt.