Building the Haplo Platform for development

These instructions apply when you are building the Haplo Platform to perform development on the platform itself. Note that most Haplo functionality is built as plugins on top of the platform, so the Platform is deliberately slow moving and you are more likely to need to modify plugins than the platform.

Linux (Ubuntu Server LTS)

We recommend you try Haplo in a VM running 64 bit Ubuntu Server with at least 4GB of memory: Build and run Haplo on Ubuntu Server

Linux (Fedora)

If you want to use an alternative Linux distribution, this should work fine, although the commands for package installation and the package names will vary. We have an example of how to Build and run Haplo on Fedora


We’ve also ported Haplo to macOS. It’s not an ideal platform, so the instructions can be a bit fiddly: Build and run Haplo on macOS

Plugin development on the development platform

When you’re running a development server, you need to perform additional setup to use the Plugin tool.