The standard console global is provided, although only the logging functions are implemented.


While you’re developing a plugin, running the develop command of the Plugin Tool will display the log entries in your local terminal window.

In addition, the log entries can be viewed in System management.

Your Name » System management » Plugins » Diagnostics

Only a small number of log entries are available. Older entries are discarded.


function console.log(…)

Logs a message. One or more arguments can be used, and they will be joined together with spaces in a single line.

If the first argument is a string, it can contain printf-like string substitutions. Any arguments which are not used will be appended to the string.

Pattern Type
%s String
%d Number
%j Convert object to JSON format

function console.debug(…)

As log(), with the message set to DEBUG level.


Alias for log().

function console.warn(…)

As log(), with the message set to WARN level.

function console.error(…)

As log(), with the message set to ERROR level.

function console.dir(object)

Log object in JSON representation.

function console.time(name)

Creates a new timer under the given name. Call console.timeEnd() with the same name to stop the timer and log the time elapsed.

function console.timeEnd(name)

Stops a timer created by a call to console.time() and log the time elapsed.