User sync managed groups

The user system maintains each user’s membership in zero or more of the managed groups to set the user’s membership of user groups to control their roles and permissions.

Managed groups are defined as part of the user sync data Model.

As well as user group membership, these groups also control the type of the profile object, so that these various classes of users can be distinguished in search results. A ‘current’ and ‘past’ type is associated with each group, so the profile objects are marked as past when the user drops out of the user feed files.

To see the list of Managed groups in the data model, view the user sync model in the admin user interface and look in the additional information section.

Your Name » Data import » Models » haplo:user-sync

If the users controlled by the user sync are added to groups that are not in this list, either manually or by other plugins, those group memberships will be preserved by the user sync.