Transformation interface

Transformation objects transform data from a single Record and commit imported data to the various databases.


Call transform() or prepareTransformation() on a Batch object.

Interface (normal usage)

property isComplete

true if the import of the Record has all the required fields and there were no errors in the transformation process.

function commit()

Commit the transformed data to the various databases.

Interface (advanced)

function transform()

Transform the input data. Only call this function on Transformation objects obtained from prepareTransformation() on the Batch object.

function setTarget(name, target)

Before transform() is called, use this function to set the Target object. This allows custom loading of the objects which have data imported. Note that the use of this function should not be necessary as the Model will load or create Target objects.

name is the name of the Destination, and target is the object to which imported values will be applied.

function getTarget(name)

After the transformation is complete, use this function to get a Target object of the name Destination.

Errors will be raised if the Target has not been loaded or created by the transformation.

function getTargetMaybe(name)

Like getTarget(), but returns undefined if the Target wasn’t loaded or created by the transformation. This is useful for optional Destinations.