Batch interface

Batch objects control a batch import process.


Call the haplo:data-import-framework:batch service.


Construct a Batch object, call any methods to set up the process, then run the data import loop:

batch.eachRecord((record) => {
    let transformation = batch.transform(record);
    if(transformation.isComplete) {


function eachRecord(iterator)

Calls the iterator function with each Record in the input data files.

function transform(record, recordIdentifier)

Transform the input record, returning a Transformation object which can be used to commit the imported data.

recordIdentifier is an optional string which identifies the current record in error messages. If not specified, a suitable identifier is generated automatically.

prepareTransformation() may be useful when more control over the transformation is needed.

function option(name, value)

Set an option:

"report-all-errors" If true, then all errors will be reported. Otherwise no more errors will be reported over a reasonable number.

function observe(event, callback)

When the named event occurs, call the callback function.

"object:save" Called when a StoreObject is saved with arguments callback(transformation, destinationName, object, isNewObject)

function prepareTransformation(record, recordIdentifier)

Like transform(), but just returns a Transformation without doing any work. After any additional setup, call transform() on the Transformation object.

property errorCount

The current number of errors which have been encountered so far in this batch process. Most useful after the process has completed.