ENDPOINT /api/search/q (GET or POST)

POST or GET this endpoint with parameters:

  • q – query string
  • w – within query string
  • sort – sort order. Possible values: ‘date’, ‘title’, ‘relevance’
  • subset – objref of search subset
  • include_attrs – comma separated list of attribute objrefs. Include to specify only the attributes you’re interested in for the search results. By default, all attributes are returned.
  • start_index – start index for the results

The search specification parameters are the same as used by the search UI. For experimentation, use the web app to try out searches, then copy the parameters.

See the in-app help text for the search query language. In addition, the following clauses are supported:

  • #L<objref># – find all objects linking to the object given. (can be used for finding all objects of a particular type, classified by a subject, etc)

Response is:

  • response
    • status – ‘success’ if the search succeeded
    • searched – ‘true’ if a search was performed, ‘false’ if it wasn’t (eg an empty search string was provided)
    • results
      • result_count – number of objects found by the search
      • start_index – start index
      • results_included – number of objects returned
      • object * – objects as Object XML representation. May have partial attributes included if requested

The number of results returned by the server is not specified, and may vary over queries. Callers should not make assumptions.

Only ask for attributes you’re going to use.