API Style

The API is an “XML REST”-like API accessed via HTTPS (or HTTP if the system is configured without SSL). It does not fully follow the REST principle, and the XML currently has no DTD or XML schema.

The endpoints are all relative to the system base URL. The hostname is used by the server to identify the customer’s system. For example, if the system URL used by the users is then given the endpoint /api/example the URL should be requested.


All requests must be authenticated using an API key.


In documentation of the XML format, the hierarchy follows the hierarchy of the XML. monospace is used to represent the elements, with the suffic * meaning zero or more, + meaning 1 or more, ? means 0 or 1, no suffix means always 1. italics show the attributes on the parent element. TEXT represents the text node contained in the element. For example:

  • root – the root of the document
    • generated – an attribute giving the time the document was generated
    • owner – the human readable name of the owner
    • p * – a container of the paragraph
      • TEXT – the text of this paragraph