Conditional statements

Conditional statements are used with required, inForm and inDocument properties to make them conditional on values in the document.

They may only refer to 1) values which are not modified by this form, or 2) values which are modified by an element which is defined by before this element.

Conditional statements are defined using JSON compatible data structures, as functions cannot be serialised into JSON.

The operation property defines what operation is performed.

Equality and inequality

Use the "===" operation to test the value at path for equality with a constant value, and the "!==" operation to test for inequality.

        path: "",
        operation: "===",
        value: 17

Defined and undefined values

Use the "defined" and "not-defined" operations to test whether value at path is present in the document.

        path: "some.value",
        operation: "not-defined"

Boolean operators

Use the "AND" and "OR" operations to combine the tests in the statements array. Boolean operations may be nested.

        operation: "AND",
        statements: [
            {path:"value1", operation:"===", value:24},
            {path:"value2", operation:"defined"}